Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Drop Dead

Now i know you may be thinking how rude?! However i'm not telling you to literally drop dead, no no; Drop Dead is actually an amazing clothing brand from Sheffield that i really want to show you guys as i'm pretty sure you won't have come across anything like this before. Drop Dead (i'm going to shorten it to DD due to laziness) was in fact founded by Bring Me the Horizon's frontman Oli Sykes, who was born and bred in the steel city and has found huge success through the band and DD.

Now let's talk about the fun stuff, THE CLOTHES! Here are my favourite items from the most recent collection..

From top to bottom:
Keep It Real T-shirt - £25
Scatty Cats Playsuit - £35
Knee Vision Tights - £10
Symbolic Bag - £40

I love the way they have made each item girly, but cool in a way. The symbolic bag is a dead ringer for the classic Louis Vuitton handbags, but replacing the LV signs with symbols adds a unique twist to the item. I need this in my life right now! The playsuit will be perfect in the summer with some Converse and a slouchy cardigan for a casual and comfy everyday look; no accessories needed.

DD originally only did guys stuff, which actually features a lot more "in your face" graphic t-shirt designs, and heavily features the gory kitty mascot; the creation behind DD's success. Here is some of the winter campaign photos showing off the creative designs and amount of talent Oli and the guys at DD have... 

If you want to take a look at the website and purchase anything click here. They also have a blog which you can look at here.

What do you think of DD? Have you got any of their items? I hope you enjoyed my post! Any feedback and comments are extremely welcome and very much appreciated :)

CC x

Friday, 9 March 2012

Outfit Post

I haven't posted in a week I know, I have been working and playing a lot as well as seeing the boyfriend. So I have just about managed to sneak in a quick outfit post featuring my new Jeffrey Campbell Lita look-a-likes, enjoy!

Head Scarf - Ebay
Vest Top - Topshop
Cropped Trousers - H&M
Shoes - Ebay
Necklace - Urban Outfitters

CC x

Thursday, 1 March 2012

Fresh Faced

One of the newest and most talked about beauty products for 2012 is a light-reflecting liquid blush from Clarins, that apparently gives your skin the natural dewy radiant look that has been seen all over the catwalk for S/S 12.  It is part of the “Sports Luxe” trend that is huge for Spring/Summer this year, where glowing sun-kissed skin was sported by a large number of models.  
Alberta Ferratti worked the fresh-faced look
I think every spring i try to wear less make-up, as over winter i do tend to pile more and more on as my skin gets paler and blotchier due to the unforgiving English weather. So this time every year i do try to give my skin a breather whilst trying to keep it looking healthy, smooth and natural looking.
So when i heard about the Clarins new Eclat Minute Blush i just had to try it! It is meant to rescue and help winter skin get its natural glow back so how could i say no? I have always had a slight fear of liquid/cream blushes as i always feel it won’t go on evenly and end up looking like a doll with big pink circles on my cheeks!
However, after testing this blush on top of a thin layer of foundation and a small covering of bronzer, i have to say it went on much nicer than i originally anticipated. You don’t need more than 3 small dots of the product as it spreads quite easily and gives a lot of colour. I love the high-lighting, dewy effect it has in the natural light, making my skin look healthy and full of moisture in a non-greasy way. Here is the result...

I have to say i am loving this blusher and the non-powdery look it has, as there is nothing worse than seeing girls with thick powdery faces in the natural summer light; i can confirm after years of disbelief that boys do prefer girls with natural make-up as well, and my boyfriend is one of those guys who loves me with hardly, or in fact, no make-up on at all.
So get your face scrub on, eat plenty of fruit, drink loads of water and make way for natural gorgeous skin! Other products i use to get this effect are Benefit’s High Beam which i use above my eyes on my brow bone, and before i apply my make-up i use Estee Lauder’s Spotlight Skin Tone Perfector all over my face, which illuminates my skin.
Hope you found this review useful! Has anyone else used the products mentioned or going to use them? What did you think? What other products do people use to get this look? Any comments are extremely welcome!

CC x