Friday, 29 March 2013

Review | Lime Crime Poisonberry Opaque Lipstick

Finally after waiting two long months, Lime Crime finally restocked the Poisonberry Opaque lipstick that has become one of the must have beauty products this season. I have been checking the Lime Crime website daily, eagerly hoping that the 'out of stock' sign had disappeared! 
With Lime Crime being an American website I actually managed to get the lipstick from a UK stockist called Cute Cosmetics who stock a wide range of Lime Crime products. This made shipping cheaper and delivery quicker so my lipstick arrived just in time for Easter Weekend!
The downside of ordering make-up online is that obviously you cannot test them before you buy. So one extremely useful and genius idea Lime Crime have produced is a visual lipstick guide telling you which lipstick shade suits which skin tone. Click here to view the guide showing all the shades available in the Opaque Lipstick range.
So now for the review: I prepped my lips with some Elizabeth Arden 8 hour lip protectant (see review on this product here) then applied Topshop lip liner in Deception, which luckily was a really close match to the lipstick.
Before I even got round to actually applying the lipstick, I had the joy of opening the gloriously girly and ridiculously pretty packaging, I mean who doesn't like unicorns really?!

I used a lip brush to apply the lipstick, which took quite a few applications in order to create an even and thick coat. The texture is quite dry and matte which is what I expected from an opaque lipstick hence why I moisturised beforehand. However the lipstick looks far from matte and dull once applied!
I probably did this a bit rushed as my lip liner isn't perfect and the lipstick has leaked a bit but I am already loving the colour and how it has made my lips look bigger! I have not been blessed with an Angelia Jolie pout and dark lipsticks normally make my lips look thinner, so I am rather pleased with the effect this lipstick has created.
I already have my eye on the Velvetines range (specifically the Suedeberry shade) which is a long-lasting lipstick that goes on like a gloss and dries matte and velvety. They are sold out at the moment due to difficulty getting hold of a special secret ingredient, but this just makes me want them even more!
One thing I do love about the company apart from their insanely cute unicorn packaging and vibrant, vivid lipsticks is the fact that most of the products are Vegan, and all are cruelty-free. Guilty free and gorgeous make-up, what's not to like? Price wise the lipsticks range from £10-£12 which is a fair price for animal-friendly and super-stylish make-up.
To see the whole range of Lime Crime products visit the website
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Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Outfit Post | Day-to-day

T-Shirt - Etsy
Belt - eBay
Jeans - Topshop
Boots - Topshop
Sunglasses - eBay
Necklace - Bijoudemort
Rings - eBay
This is a typical days outfit for me, skinny jeans, t-shirt and black ankle boots! I can't stand wearing fussy outfits when i'm out and about running errands, shopping etc, there's nothing worse than having to re-arrange your self everytime you get out of the car.
The Topshop Leigh jeans are the only jeans i have ever found that fit me perfectly; they are soft so have plenty of stretch around the waist and are really fitted so you don't get baggy material around the knees like i do with most jeans. I have them in 3 different colours and plan on getting more! 
I have also bought all my rings in the last few months from eBay. There are 100's of Topshop look-a-like pieces as well as one-off unusual stuff, and some are as cheap as 99p with a lot of them having free shipping too. My personal favourite is the one that looks like spikes are piercing my finger, my nan thought it was real bless her!
I am loving the circle lense sunglasses that are appearing everywhere for S/S13, again eBay was my saviour where i bagged these simple black ones for £1.38, bargain! Just need the snow to melt away and for the sun to make an appearance now, hurry up summer!
CC x 

Sunday, 24 March 2013

Flower Power Lip Balm

It's been a while since my last post; I started a new job just before Christmas but unfortunately was let go at the end of Feb which sucks, but it does mean I have all the time in the world to do what I love the most, write about fashion! I've realised that this is all I enjoy doing and is truely what I want to do as a career, I just need to improve and get some motivation as I am determined to do something I love rather than work in a job I hate just for the money.
So now i've had my little moan, i'm kick-starting my blog back up with a quick post on my favourite lip balm, Elizabeth Arden 8-hour lip protectant stick.

I have the limited 60's 'Flower Power' edition, which is why it has a nice pretty case instead of the normal Elizabeth Arden packaging. I received this as a Christmas present so i'm not entirely sure on the price but I think it's around £20 which is quite steep for a lip balm.
However I would happily pay this much again and again as I have never had a lip balm work so well and smell so scrumptious! It has the typical Elizabeth Arden 8-hour scent and glides on smoothly and effortlessly. It isn't greasy and feels like velvet on your lips.
I have been using it as part of my daily moisturising routine for the past 3 months and I still have more than half the tube left. I have always had extremely chapped, flaky lips due to my bad habit of biting and picking them when i'm bored/stressed without realising, and have used every lip balm going to try and restore my lips back to normality.
I am happy to say that this lip balm really does work and I won't be using any other product. Ever.
Sorry for the bad quality photo but here is a shot of my lips after applying the lip balm...
I hope you enjoyed this post, any feedback is appeciated and extremely helpful so please don't be shy!
Enjoy the rest of  your weekend :)
  CC x