Tuesday, 31 January 2012

If I Can Do DIY...

I have never been an arty person due to the fact that i am quite impatient and not very good at drawing etc. However, i have been lusting after these shorts which they sold in Urban Outfitters last year for a whopping £80! I love the frayed edges of the shorts and the cross stud detail on the back pockets (if you haven't noticed before i am quite obsessed with crosses in a non-gothic/religious way!).

I was never ever going to spend that much on shorts; especially re-worked vintage ones. For some reason it has only just occurred to me how easy it would be to make my own. So after pulling out my vintage Levi shorts that i got for £20 last summer, i first needed to re-work them a bit more as they were quite long and not distressed enough for me. So here is my step by step guide to customising your denim shorts/trousers:

Unfortunately i don't have a picture of my shorts before i cut them and frayed them as i forgot. Basically you cut the jeans/shorts half an inch longer than you would like them by marking with a pencil and folding them in half to cut them so they are even on each leg.


Once you have done this, you will notice that they look too neat and newly cut. So in order to fray the edges use a buffer or if you don't have one (like me) use a nail file. All you do is rub the rough side of the nail file downwards and away from the edges of the shorts, and it will start to fray the edges and pull bits of threads out. It is quite a messy process so a hoover may be needed afterwards! 

Now you have frayed your shorts to your hearts content, it is time to customize your shorts further if you desire to. To do a cross stud pattern like me, you will need some fabric glue and two strips of silver studs. I got the studs for 99p each off Ebay as i literally couldn't find them anywhere else!

To glue the studs on, i used a cotton bud to apply the glue to the studs to keep from the glue getting everywhere and making it look messy. After placing the first strip down leave for 15-20 minutes to allow the glue to dry before applying the next strip.

And here is the final result...

I think for a running total cost of £26, my own version of the £80 shorts are nearly just as good! For me this is a real achievment and i am really pleased with the results. If i can do it then anybody can, trust me! I can't wait to wear them in the summer at a festival with a slouchy t-shirt, federa hat, wellies and lots of jewellery. For now i will wear them with ripped tights, slouchy jumpers and ankle boots.

Has anybody else done any DIY themselves? Let me know if you try to re-work some of your own denim shorts!

CC x

Sunday, 29 January 2012

Perfect Pastels

Sorry i've been a little bit slow on the blogging front for the last few days! I have a few (hopefully) interesting posts coming up for this week to make up for it. Today i have decided to do a collage of all the pretty pastel things i want (and can't afford!) this Spring, as you've probably noticed pastels are a big deal for S/S 12.

I'm not normally a girly pink pastel kinda girl; i love my grunge and rock look and always will. BUT i have to say i am absolutely loving everything that is coming in for Spring, and i don't know whether this is because i have missed seeing bright summery colours that remind me of warm weather, bbq's and festivals!

So here is what i would chose to create my perfect pastel look:

From top left to right:

Jumper - Acne £150
Floral cami - Topshop £45
Chiffon skirt - Lipsy £35
Nude Heels - Asos £75
Clutch - Asos £20
Skinny Belt - Asos £6
Skinny Jeans - Topshop £38
Floral Blouse - Boohoo.com £15
Shopper Bag - Asos £12
Pearl Collar - River Island £27

Just need the weather now! Other accessories i would put with these outfits are cute ankle socks, Audrey Hepburn style glasses, pastel nails and a straw hat for that festival vibe. Hopefully i will be going to some sort of festival this year; it will be my 5th year of festivals and i still can't get enough! Apart from obviously going for the music, i do find there is lots of fashion inspiration and i always come home with new ideas and ways of dressing.

What pastels will you be wearing this Spring? Is anyone going to a festival this year? I can't decide where i would like to go this time!

CC x

Friday, 20 January 2012

The Beginning Of Anything...Genesis

Now this is not particularly a beauty or fashion post, but i just HAD to share my love for my gorgeous new notebook that i found in a little shop today on my travels. I think it's safe to say every girl loves a bit of pretty stationary. I for one cannot live without a diary; i wouldn't have a clue what day it was or remember a thing without it! However recently i have been discovering that i need a notebook more and more often just to jot down little things when i'm out and about, and have been using a normal reporter's notebook.

So today when i came across this cute notebook, i just couldn't resist purchasing it!

I love that i now have a London themed diary and Paris themed notebook!

"I Love London 2012" Diary - Paperchase
Eiffel Tower Notebook - Genesis

Genesis is a little homeware and stationary store me and my mum found on Ecclesall Road today, and i literally could have spent hours looking at all the little knick-knacky things they had in there! I spent a good 10 minutes trying to decide what notebook i wanted as they had quite a few and they were all so cute. It was £10.50 for the notebook i chose, which was quite expensive for what it is, but i thought it was too unique and gorgeous to resist and i would definitely regret it if i didn't buy it! There was a lot of war time, 40's inspired patterns and designs which came in the form of cushions, posters, lamps and even truffles. They have an online store http://www.genesishome.net/ if you want to check it out for yourself.

I have already christened my notebook with a 2012 wish list!

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend :)

CC x

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ooh La La

I find that i wear foundation everyday in the winter as i do tend to get blotchy skin when the weather is cold and windy, so a natural looking foundation that makes my skin look smooth is a must for me this time of the year. My favourite day time foundation at the moment is Bourjois' Healthy Mix foundation. It never irritates or clogs my skin up and feels nice and silky when i apply it. I love Bourjois products as i feel for a highstreet brand you cannot fault the quality of their products. 

Yesterday i ran out of the Healthy Mix foundation, so i popped to Boots before work to pick up another one only to find they had run out of my colour. However they had an offer on that if you buy any Bourjois foundation you received a Bourjois mascara absolutely free. This was perfect as i needed a new day time mascara and i'm a sucker for offers and discounts! Obviously as my usual foundation had run out i decided to try a different one from Bourjois.

I decided to try out the Bio Detox foundation, as like the other one, it sounds healthy for your skin! The Coup De Theatre 2 in 1 mascara i received for free should have been around £8.99, so i was quite pleased with myself on how much i saved!

Now for the review...I applied the foundation with a brush, which is something i've only just started doing, and I do feel you get more coverage whilst using less product when you use a foundation brush. However i did find this particular foundation didn't spread very well as it dried quickly and turned quite powdery. So i had to apply two layers (which i don't normally do for day time make-up but it was necessary in order to get an even coverage), however i had extra dry skin today so i don't know whether this had an affect on my application. It did look quite natural and nice once i had finished applying it however, and strangely it also smells of watermelons! So i may just need to use it a few more times and let it grow on me, as i do have a tendency to hate every new foundation i get then end up loving it!

Foundation: Bourjois Bio Detox
Bronzer: Rimmel Natural Bronzer
Blusher: MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches
Eyebrow pencil: Rimmel
Liquid eyeliner: Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner
Mascara: Bourjois Coup De Theatre
Lipstick: MAC Satin Lipstick in Peach

The Coup De Theatre mascara has won my approval for sure, as i knew straight away i would love it due to it's comb-like wand, which from my experience is great for separating all your lashes (meaning no horrid clumps!). As i guessed this is exactly what it did, as well as lengthen my lashes too.

As you can see all the lashes are separated, and the mascara didn't go on too thickly so i could keep it looking natural for a day time look.

Now i had done my make-up i was ready to go out for lunch with my wonderful nan, and this is what i wore:

Checked Shirt - Cow Vintage
Leather Shorts - H&M
Ripped Tights: Pretty Polly
Ankle Boots - Dune
Cross Ring: Topshop
Cross Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Ear Cuff: Topshop

CC x

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What I'm Wearing...

A few days ago i posted about buying a fur coat off Ebay and had pictures of the ones i was interested in. HOWEVER, the tide has turned as my nan read my post and insisted that she bought me a brand new one as she didn't like the thought of me wearing second hand clothing (bless) and i wasn't allowed to argue!

Sooo by orders from my nan i HAD to buy one from a proper shop that i liked, so straight away i got on the Missguided website and was pleased to see the fur coat i had on my wish list was still in stock in my size.

The coat came today which is perfect timing as i am just about to head out to the pub to meet my mates for tea, so i get to test it out straight away. Yippeeeee!

Checked shirt - Cow vintage
Gold chain - Primark
Jeggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Dune
Coat - Missguided

I have worked six days in a row so this is the first day i haven't had to wear black in while! The coat was £52.99 but received 10% discount after liking the Missguided Facebook page and using the promo code (which is LIKEUS just in case you want to use it!). 

I absolutely love my coat and can see it being part of my wardrobe for a very long time, thanks nan!  

CC x

Just a Note To Say Thank You!

Hello...just a quick post to say thank you to everyone who has followed my blog and commented on it, i hope your all enjoying reading it as much as i am writing it! It's been really nice to read the comments and have positive feedback, so it's so nice to know people are interested in what i find interesting!

I'm still really new to this so any advice on how to make my blog look better would be very useful as graphic design isn't my strong point!

Thanks again to everyone who has took the time to read my blog :)

CC x

Monday, 16 January 2012

Go Little Bad Girl

Evening everyone! I have decided to attempt to be more creative with my eyeshadow, as it is something i have always struggled with and would love to be really good at! When it comes to eyeliner, i have absolutly no problem at all. My everyday look is black winged liquid eyeliner, and for a dressier look i just add a soft black kohl eyeliner underneath my eyes and smudge it for a smoky feline look. Simples.

However i always get really jealous of people who have gorgeous colourful eyeshadow that is blended perfectly and i want to know how they do it! So in my experimentation with something other than black eyeliner, i was recommended to try some of the eyeshadows from the Sleek make-up range sold at Superdrug.

I chose the Bad Girl palette not just because it is a limited edition palette, but because the colours are simply my kind of style and taste; rock chick!

I love the names they have given for each eyeshadow; intoxicated, rebel, abyss are just to name a few. The fact that it comes with a double-ended sponge applicator and a mirror in the lid as well as 12 gorgeous shades of eyeshadow all for £6.49, i think is what you call value for money!

And here comes the tricky part for me...applying the eyeshadow. I used the provided applicator and chose to blend one of the silvers with one of the blue and black eyeshadows. I cannot fault how fab the eyeshadows are to apply, as the colour went on strong and bold using hardly any powder. The only problem i had was the blending of the colours which i think is a consistent problem for me, so any tips and advice would be really useful!

Here is the result of my attempt to wear colourful eyeshadow:

(Yes i did only do one eye!)

It is a really bold look which i definitely would only wear for a night out, but i think i like it! And much to my surprise, blue doesn't look as bad as what i thought it would on me. I think i shall be much more adventurous with my eyeshadow from now on thanks to Sleek make-up!

CC x


Saturday, 14 January 2012

Furry Nice

As seen as it is minus three degrees outside and we have yet to have our annual sprinkling of snow that always seems to bring the UK to a grinding halt, and thus sends everyone in a manic rush to buy bread and preservatives (or in my case use it as an excuse to go to the pub) i thought that it is still totally acceptable to want to buy a fur coat to wrap up in and add to my vast collection of coats and jackets.

Me and my boyfriend last year
in the snow (sorry for the bad quality pic!)

I have always had a thing for fur (not real of course!) as i think it is an easy way to create a luxurious, vintage look and looks great all winter. I do already have a fur leopard print coat and a black coat but they are quite dressy and short so i want a brown, knee length one for everyday that will go with everything.

I am really skint at the moment, and with pay day being 2 weeks away still i have turned to trusty Ebay in order to find me a cheap and cheerful bargain! So here are the three coats i have narrowed it down to and plan to bid on depending on price/what i decide i like the best...

I don't really want to pay more than £25 but i do get carried away when i'm bidding on Ebay! There is still a week left on two of them so if i do end up winning one it will be showcased on here. Wish me luck!

CC x

Thursday, 12 January 2012

All That Glitters...

One of my amazing Christmas presents from my family was ten of the most glitteriest nail polishes a girl could ever wish for! I have been collecting glittery nail polishes all winter, but have yet to find one that is glittery enough for me. They came in a nice clear packaging which showed off each colour nail polish.

The brand W7 isn't one i've heard of before, so i'm not sure how good a make it is. However my mum ensured me that this collection of polishes should have cost £50 but my mum got them for £20 from TKMaxx, a fab bargain i must say!

I am going out tonight so have put some false nails on and decided to try out the deep purple colour which is in the centre of the above photo. The polish went on nice and smoothly and the glitter distributed really evenly, which in the past other nail polishes (Barry M in particular) i have had trouble with. In just one coat there seemed to be plenty of polish on, but i added a second coat just to make sure.

Anddd here is the result...

Now i have my party nails i just need to figure out the rest of my outfit!

CC x