Sunday, 7 October 2012

Nail Gradient: First Attempt!

Nail polishes ¦ Barry M

So here is my first attempt at doing a silver sparkly gradient over a mint green base! For my first try i am actually quite pleased with them; i do think if i had longer/false nails the effect would look a lot better.
I started with a layer of the see-through base/top coat, then two layers of the mint green polish, leaving two minutes between each coat. I then applied another layer of the base/top coat and left them to dry for 20 mins or so.
To get the gradient effect i literally just applied one sweep of the sparkly coat starting from about half way down the nail. I added another layer of the sparkle at the tip of the nail in order to make it look thicker.
Another layer of the base/top coat and i was done! Quite simple really, but i do think there are probably easier/better quality ways of attempting this look. I got my inspiration from my friend Mel who is ridiculously good at nail art!
To see her designs follow her Instagram 'nailsbymel'
I am also desperately trying to grow my nails but they just keep breaking so i am quite frustrated! I use a nail hardner and growth formula to keep them strong but it still fails miserably. If anyone has any tips on how to keep nails strong then please throw your ideas my way!
Hope you enjoyed the post :)
 CC x

Wednesday, 3 October 2012

eBay Haul!

So i have had a major wardrobe clear out which does tend to happen twice a year! So here are some hardly worn items that are currently up for auction on Ebay. I go into detail more about each item on the Ebay page so if something takes your fancy then just go to my Ebay page by clicking here.

Happy bidding!

Topshop Chiffon Layered Top Size 10 ¦ Starting Price £2.99 ¦ Ends Sun 7th Oct 19:03
Vintage Blue Sequin Top Size Medium ¦ Starting Price £5.00 ¦ Ends Sun 7th Oct 19:03

H&M Beige Sequin Dress Size Small ¦ Starting Price £4.00 ¦ Ends Sat 6th Oct 17:32
Topshop Chain Detail Grey Vest Top Size 8 ¦ Starting Price £3.50 ¦ Ends Sun 7th Oct 19:07
Topshop Pleated Mustard Dress Size 8 ¦ Starting Price £5.00 (One Bid already!) ¦ Ends Sun 7th Oct 19:09
Topshop Floral Kimono style top Size 8 ¦ Starting Price £4.00 ¦ Ends Sun 7th Oct 19:04 

H&M Floral Strappy Vest Top Size 10 ¦ Starting Price £3.50 ¦ Ends Sun 7th Oct 19:10

Chimpanzee Black & White Graphic T-shirt Size Small ¦ Starting Price £1.99 ¦ Ends Sun 7th Oct 19:11
Topshop Unique Cropped Silk Blouse Size 8 ¦ Starting Price £5.00 ¦ Sun 7th Oct 19:14 

Motel Floral Crop Top Blouse Size Small BNWT ¦ Starting Price £5.00 ¦ Ends Sun 7th Oct 19:04

Zara Snake Print Skirt Size Small ¦ Starting Price £4.50 ¦ Ends Thurs 11th Oct 19:42
Topshop Aqua/Green Boob Tube Leotard ¦ Starting Price £4.50 ¦ Ends Thurs 11th Oct 19:40

Alice Takes A Trip Lion & Bow T-shirt One Size ¦ Starting Price £7.99 ¦ Ends Thurs 11th Oct 19:38

 Topshop Gothic Baggy T-shirt Size 8 ¦ Starting Price £1.99 ¦ Ends Thurs 11th Oct 19:34

Topshop Mint Green Pinstripe Top Size 10 ¦ Starting Price £1.99 ¦ Ends Thurs 11th Oct 19:44

Here is the link to my Ebay items again

If you have any questions regarding the items then feel free to comment below or message me via Ebay!

CC x


Saturday, 29 September 2012

Winter is Coming...

 Hat - H&M
Jacket - Miss Selfridge
Jumper - Hearts & Bows
Trousers - American Apparel
Boots - Topshop
Necklace - Rock n Rose
Midi Rings - Topshop
Armour Ring - Topshop
So this is my first post in a LONG time. I have fallen off the blogging wagon badly but hopefully i shall keep at it from now on (especially seen as i am unemployed now!).
Anyway here is one of my everyday looks i seem to be wearing a lot recently. I absolutely love the stud detailing on the jumper; anything with studs/spikes is a hit in my wardrobe! It's really warm and cosy as well which is always a plus as we slowly creep into autumn.
 The Topshop boots have not been off my feet since i got them for my birthday, i love them so much! I wear ankle boots literally all year round so these are perfect as they go with everything and are super comfy. 

Oh and you may have noticed my photography skills still haven't improved, so i'm sorry for the bad quality pics as per!

 I hope you enjoyed the post anyway!

CC x

Friday, 6 July 2012

Reporting For Duty

Bowler - Topshop
T-Shirt - New Look
Shorts - Ark (Levi's)
Tights - Henry Holland
Shoes - Jeffrey Campbell
Necklace - Rock n Rose
Rings - H&M/River Island

This is what i wore for a girly day out with my mum (minus the shoes, i bought them on our girly day out!) We went to the gym, then to Meadowhall for Nandos and shopping, and then went to see The Amazing Spiderman which is actually amazing!

I have to talk about the army jacket which is exactly the same as the ones they sell in Urban Outfitters for £48. I did my research as i really didn't want to pay that much, and amazingly i discovered that if you buy them directly from the forces uniform website they are only £15! And they are bang exactly the same, so i don't understand how UO can sell them at more than double the price? I find that quite annoying!

I have been lusting over all the Jeffrey Campbell shoes for quite some time now, and eventually came to the decision that i had to own a pair! I decided on the black spiked heel Lita's as i feel these will go with anything i wear.

Also i haven't taken my black bowler hat off since i bought it, i love it so much!

Hope everyone has a nice weekend :)

CC x

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Hair Update

As you may know from previous posts, i have been trying to grow my hair for years now without much success! So i came across Lee Stafford's "For hair that never grows past a certain length" conditioning treatment and decided to test it out and see if it actually does work.

Now it has been a couple of months since i started this test, but i decided to wait till i had finished using the whole tub of the treatment before i did the before and after shots. Andddd here is the results...



As you can probably see the results aren't that dramatic! I think the change in colour of my hair is more noticeable than how much it has grown. So it is safe to say i am mildly disappointed, but at the same time not extremely surprised.

However, my hair does feel thicker and i have been fighting to brush the knots out of the back of my hair for the last month due to how thick it has gotten. The one positive thing i can say about the Lee Stafford treatment is that it does make my hair feel very nourished and smell yummy! My final verdict, unfortunately, is that it doesn't do what it says on the tub, but it is a great conditioning treatment.

Has anyone get any products they recommend to help hair growth? Does anyone have the same problem as me? Any feedback and comments are really appreciated!

CC x

Sunday, 1 July 2012

Last Night's Outfit

Top - Ark
Skirt - Topshop
Shoes - Ebay
Bag - Zara
Necklace - Rock n Rose
Earrings - Topshop
Rings - H&M
Nail Polish - W3

 Just a quick post with really bad pictures showing you my outfit i wore last night! I didn't have time to take proper photos (as usual) but i've had a bit of a shopping splurge recently and i really love my new purchases.

I never wear anything as revealing or tight on my top half like this crop top. However, i fell in love with the colour and the spikes, and i was pleasantly surprised at how well it fit as i normally struggle with tops that have fitted bras in. To balance out how revealing the top half was i bought a drop hem skirt which covered my legs more but still looked dressy.

Also i am pretty proud of my eye make-up as i struggle so much with eyeshadow and blending. I am good at eyeliner but that's about it! So last night i attempted full on smoky eyes and was quite happy with how it turned out for once!

Lastly, i have made a promise to myself to use my camera more and take better quality pictures. I am just extremely lazy and tend to rush everything! But i want to improve the quality of my posts so from now on i am going to practice my photography skills.

Happy Sunday :)

CC x

Friday, 22 June 2012

Mini Splurge

 Tassle top - Bank
Leggings - Primark
Sunglasses - Primark

I have been looking at galaxy print leggings for a while now and was contemplating buying some from Ebay for about £8. However, i popped into Primark on my dinner one day looking for a bowler hat and ended up with two pairs of sunglasses and some leggings instead! I have to say i am really impressed with Primark at the moment and am especially happy with the galaxy print leggings for just £6; i love a good bargain!

I have also been after a tassle crop top for a while and just so happened to spot one as i walked past Bank which is somewhere i would normally never shop! It was £16 i think, which i didn't really want to spend on a crop top BUT i was struggling to find one that i liked.

As for the sunglasses, you can't go wrong with a pair of mirrored aviators! And i've just discovered that feline shaped sunglasses actually suit me so couldn't resist the leopard print pair too, and for £2 each it won't matter if i don't actually ever wear them ha. Not that i exactly need two pair of sunglasses at the moment with this weather...

 Have a nice weekend everyone :)

CC x

Monday, 18 June 2012

York Races Outfit

 Dress - River Island
Bag - Ebay
Shoes - Garage Shoes
Head chain - Rock n Rose
Cuff - Regal Rose

CC x