Wednesday, 26 June 2013

Outfit Post | An elephant never forgets

Hat | Topshop
Top | Asos
Shorts | Urban Outfitters
Sandals | Asos
Necklace | Topshop
Rings | Asos

 Apologies for the lack of posts lately, I have been making the most of the little time I had left with my boyfriend before he went away to America for 7 weeks *sob* BUT now I have lots of time to do lots of blog posts, starting with a classic outfit post. 

Pretty much everything in this post is brand new. I have been treating myself to some summery clothes as I am going away in 3 weeks, and due to lack of holidays in the last two years I am very excited to buy proper summer attire. I know I still have only bought black and white, but what can I say, it just goes with everything!

 I LOVE LOVE LOVE my elephant print shorts. The style, the print and the material is my idea of a perfect pair of shorts and they are easy to dress up or wear casually. I am in love with anything tribal/african/aztec at the minute, which includes my statement necklace that caters for my grungier side too.

My sandals which are pretty much ankle boots with holes in them (I just love ankle boots that much!) are so up my street and I think are a pretty unusual take on the regular sandal. I have to admit, they aren't that comfy, yet. I don't care though as I love them too much to send back!

I have lots more holiday outfit posts to come up so stay tuned! Due to a few requests, I am also considering doing a tutorial on how I apply my eyeliner. If this is something you would be interested in then please let me know :)

CC x