Sunday, 7 October 2012

Nail Gradient: First Attempt!

Nail polishes ¦ Barry M

So here is my first attempt at doing a silver sparkly gradient over a mint green base! For my first try i am actually quite pleased with them; i do think if i had longer/false nails the effect would look a lot better.
I started with a layer of the see-through base/top coat, then two layers of the mint green polish, leaving two minutes between each coat. I then applied another layer of the base/top coat and left them to dry for 20 mins or so.
To get the gradient effect i literally just applied one sweep of the sparkly coat starting from about half way down the nail. I added another layer of the sparkle at the tip of the nail in order to make it look thicker.
Another layer of the base/top coat and i was done! Quite simple really, but i do think there are probably easier/better quality ways of attempting this look. I got my inspiration from my friend Mel who is ridiculously good at nail art!
To see her designs follow her Instagram 'nailsbymel'
I am also desperately trying to grow my nails but they just keep breaking so i am quite frustrated! I use a nail hardner and growth formula to keep them strong but it still fails miserably. If anyone has any tips on how to keep nails strong then please throw your ideas my way!
Hope you enjoyed the post :)
 CC x


  1. Love this look! You did so well :D I tried this recently also xx


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