Thursday, 19 January 2012

Ooh La La

I find that i wear foundation everyday in the winter as i do tend to get blotchy skin when the weather is cold and windy, so a natural looking foundation that makes my skin look smooth is a must for me this time of the year. My favourite day time foundation at the moment is Bourjois' Healthy Mix foundation. It never irritates or clogs my skin up and feels nice and silky when i apply it. I love Bourjois products as i feel for a highstreet brand you cannot fault the quality of their products. 

Yesterday i ran out of the Healthy Mix foundation, so i popped to Boots before work to pick up another one only to find they had run out of my colour. However they had an offer on that if you buy any Bourjois foundation you received a Bourjois mascara absolutely free. This was perfect as i needed a new day time mascara and i'm a sucker for offers and discounts! Obviously as my usual foundation had run out i decided to try a different one from Bourjois.

I decided to try out the Bio Detox foundation, as like the other one, it sounds healthy for your skin! The Coup De Theatre 2 in 1 mascara i received for free should have been around £8.99, so i was quite pleased with myself on how much i saved!

Now for the review...I applied the foundation with a brush, which is something i've only just started doing, and I do feel you get more coverage whilst using less product when you use a foundation brush. However i did find this particular foundation didn't spread very well as it dried quickly and turned quite powdery. So i had to apply two layers (which i don't normally do for day time make-up but it was necessary in order to get an even coverage), however i had extra dry skin today so i don't know whether this had an affect on my application. It did look quite natural and nice once i had finished applying it however, and strangely it also smells of watermelons! So i may just need to use it a few more times and let it grow on me, as i do have a tendency to hate every new foundation i get then end up loving it!

Foundation: Bourjois Bio Detox
Bronzer: Rimmel Natural Bronzer
Blusher: MAC Sheertone Blush in Peaches
Eyebrow pencil: Rimmel
Liquid eyeliner: Collection 2000 Fast Stroke Eyeliner
Mascara: Bourjois Coup De Theatre
Lipstick: MAC Satin Lipstick in Peach

The Coup De Theatre mascara has won my approval for sure, as i knew straight away i would love it due to it's comb-like wand, which from my experience is great for separating all your lashes (meaning no horrid clumps!). As i guessed this is exactly what it did, as well as lengthen my lashes too.

As you can see all the lashes are separated, and the mascara didn't go on too thickly so i could keep it looking natural for a day time look.

Now i had done my make-up i was ready to go out for lunch with my wonderful nan, and this is what i wore:

Checked Shirt - Cow Vintage
Leather Shorts - H&M
Ripped Tights: Pretty Polly
Ankle Boots - Dune
Cross Ring: Topshop
Cross Necklace: Urban Outfitters
Ear Cuff: Topshop

CC x


  1. I love the mascara. The lashes are natural but still POP!

  2. I use Healthy Mix foundation too so I'll definitely be popping to Boots to take advantage of the free mascara! :) Gillian xx