Tuesday, 17 January 2012

What I'm Wearing...

A few days ago i posted about buying a fur coat off Ebay and had pictures of the ones i was interested in. HOWEVER, the tide has turned as my nan read my post and insisted that she bought me a brand new one as she didn't like the thought of me wearing second hand clothing (bless) and i wasn't allowed to argue!

Sooo by orders from my nan i HAD to buy one from a proper shop that i liked, so straight away i got on the Missguided website and was pleased to see the fur coat i had on my wish list was still in stock in my size.

The coat came today which is perfect timing as i am just about to head out to the pub to meet my mates for tea, so i get to test it out straight away. Yippeeeee!

Checked shirt - Cow vintage
Gold chain - Primark
Jeggings - Miss Selfridge
Boots - Dune
Coat - Missguided

I have worked six days in a row so this is the first day i haven't had to wear black in while! The coat was £52.99 but received 10% discount after liking the Missguided Facebook page and using the promo code (which is LIKEUS just in case you want to use it!). 

I absolutely love my coat and can see it being part of my wardrobe for a very long time, thanks nan!  

CC x


  1. I want that coat! I always have trouble with Missguided, but that coat looks really good quality.. x p.s. Keep at the blogging, let me know if you want any help/codes etc for blogger :)

  2. I've always wanted a fur coat, yours looks lovely and snuggly!

    Natalie x

  3. Love this outfit, the fur jacket is a winner :) xoxo