Friday, 20 January 2012

The Beginning Of Anything...Genesis

Now this is not particularly a beauty or fashion post, but i just HAD to share my love for my gorgeous new notebook that i found in a little shop today on my travels. I think it's safe to say every girl loves a bit of pretty stationary. I for one cannot live without a diary; i wouldn't have a clue what day it was or remember a thing without it! However recently i have been discovering that i need a notebook more and more often just to jot down little things when i'm out and about, and have been using a normal reporter's notebook.

So today when i came across this cute notebook, i just couldn't resist purchasing it!

I love that i now have a London themed diary and Paris themed notebook!

"I Love London 2012" Diary - Paperchase
Eiffel Tower Notebook - Genesis

Genesis is a little homeware and stationary store me and my mum found on Ecclesall Road today, and i literally could have spent hours looking at all the little knick-knacky things they had in there! I spent a good 10 minutes trying to decide what notebook i wanted as they had quite a few and they were all so cute. It was £10.50 for the notebook i chose, which was quite expensive for what it is, but i thought it was too unique and gorgeous to resist and i would definitely regret it if i didn't buy it! There was a lot of war time, 40's inspired patterns and designs which came in the form of cushions, posters, lamps and even truffles. They have an online store if you want to check it out for yourself.

I have already christened my notebook with a 2012 wish list!

Hope everyone's having a lovely weekend :)

CC x


  1. On my wish list I also have a new camera and laptop! :) XO

  2. I am a sucker for cute stationery! Loving the Paris theme x

  3. I always write wishlists too! I always find them months later and go "Oh yeaaah damn I was meant to buy that!" and by that time its gone :( I love the £1000 for florida, are you planning on going there? That's on my wishlist too! :)

  4. Thanks for your lovely comments guys! Yes my family are wanting to go to Florida this year but i have to pay for myself if i want to go! No idea how i'll save that much in 7 months but i'm sure i'll end up going either way! x