Thursday, 12 January 2012

All That Glitters...

One of my amazing Christmas presents from my family was ten of the most glitteriest nail polishes a girl could ever wish for! I have been collecting glittery nail polishes all winter, but have yet to find one that is glittery enough for me. They came in a nice clear packaging which showed off each colour nail polish.

The brand W7 isn't one i've heard of before, so i'm not sure how good a make it is. However my mum ensured me that this collection of polishes should have cost £50 but my mum got them for £20 from TKMaxx, a fab bargain i must say!

I am going out tonight so have put some false nails on and decided to try out the deep purple colour which is in the centre of the above photo. The polish went on nice and smoothly and the glitter distributed really evenly, which in the past other nail polishes (Barry M in particular) i have had trouble with. In just one coat there seemed to be plenty of polish on, but i added a second coat just to make sure.

Anddd here is the result...

Now i have my party nails i just need to figure out the rest of my outfit!

CC x


  1. You can never have too much glitter!! These look absolutely amazing, especially the kind of greenish one.

    Lovely blog, following and looking forward to more posts!

  2. I love this!! :) I have my eye on OPI Rainbow Connection, it looks amazing glittery! Love your blog! Gillian x