Tuesday, 10 January 2012

Empty Casket

As a lover of all things shiny, it is safe to say my jewellery collection is well, impressive. My guilty pleasure however, is any kind of gothic and grunge jewellery; i am a rock chick at heart!
Sooo knowing this my friend sent me the link to this website http://www.emptycasket.co.uk/ 
Everything is hand made and totally affordable. I got so excited to find jewellery that suits my style and taste perfectly that i had to buy something straight away, so here is my purchase...

Cross harness - £8

It came really quickly in the post and in a cute little box with calling cards. They also offer to alter the length of the chains if any of the jewellery doesn't fit properly which i think is a really good service. The next item i have my eye on is the black feather and cross earrings:

Image of Black Feather & Cross

Bring on payday!

                                  CC x

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  1. wow their jewellery is so cute! I love what you picked :) lovely post x