Thursday, 14 June 2012

Rock n Rose

New jewellery always makes my day, and i couldn't be happier with the latest pieces i've acquired. Both the necklace and head chain are from Rock N Rose; a vintage inspired jewellery website. I have noticed the inverted cross necklace on quite a lot of blogs and i have had my eye on it a while now!

I intend on wearing the head chain to York races on Saturday instead of a head piece or fascinator. I have never in my life been to the races and i really struggle not to dress grungy or gothic! I have got a really lady like outfit, but i just couldn't resist adding a bit of goth to my outfit with the head chain (i'm really tempted to wear dark lipstick too but we'll see). I'll be doing an outfit post on what i wear to the races over the weekend!

I am so in love with both my purchases from Rock N Rose and definitely will be buying more jewellery from them in the future. The packaging was mega cute too!

CC x

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