Saturday, 4 February 2012

Jewellery Love

Every few weeks i get a jewellery or shoe craving, like when you get a craving for something sweet after your tea, i get that with jewellery and high heels! A lot of my friends in the past have always come to me to borrow jewellery as i can guarantee i will have something that will go with any outfit. When i'm out shopping I am literally like a magpie; anything shiny, glittery and unusual and i swoop in like a hawk. If i'm trying to resist buying jewellery i have to avoid the jewellery section in Topshop in order to maintain my self-control, it's a serious problem i tell you!

So anyway, yesterday i gave into my jewellery craving as me and the boyfriend had a wander into Sheffield city centre. Since finishing university i don't go as often now so it was a nice change from Meadowhall shopping centre and it was beautiful weather outside! Bright, clear and cold which is my favourite kind of weather as i get to wrap up in my fur coats.

I bought four pieces of jewellery; one necklace and three rings. Here are my buys...

Peter Pan Collar - £12 - Dorothy Perkins

Rings all from H&M (left to right):
Pom Pom Ring - £1.99
Cage Ring - £3.99
Pink Stone Ring - £3.99

I love my armour rings and have been wanting a gold one for a change. I really like this one as it isn't as chunky as my other ones and i love the cage style of it.

How cute is this pom pom ring?! As soon as i saw it i knew it would be a best-seller and would look fab with all girly pastel colours that are in this Spring, so i simply had to have it. I saw a very similar one on the Asos website but was a lot dearer so i'm extremely pleased with my bargain buy version.

I love the gothic detail on this ring! I will wear this with my armour ring and a few other silver rings for a rock chick look.

This necklace is part of my new jewellery collection this week too so thought i'd share it with you as i absolutely LOVE it. The necklace came in the post at the beginning of the week after hunting it down at the Urban Outfitters store in Manchester. I got it for the sale price of £5 as well which made my day even more as i have been obsessing after it for a while and would have happily paid the full price of £16 for it. I have a muffin in my hand which i made myself last night in case you was wondering what it was!

Also, do you like my nail polish? I got a bit bored of wearing just one colour so thought i'd mix it up a bit! These are my real nails too which is probably the longest they have EVER been, so i'm rather proud of them.

I plan on wearing the Peter Pan collar necklace tonight as i'm going out for a meal with my friends then to the pub, so i shall try and do an outfit post later if i have time! Also it depends on the snow because as i speak it is coming down fast and settling, yay!

Hope your all having a lovely weekend :)

CC x


  1. love all these bits&bobs! the pom pom ring ahhh I want it! ha. x

  2. Love every single piece&your blog! Followed!


  3. Really love the cage ring!!
    The necklace is beautiful as well, especially for £5!

  4. The necklace/collar is f*ing awesome!
    Love your blog!

    Valentina de Pertis

  5. I love H&M jewellery at the moment - such good prices! I also love your nail colours, especially the sparkly one <3

    Ellen xx

  6. I love both necklaces you bought, especially the collar one! So pretty xx

  7. The cage ring is pretty intense. Love it. Your nails are great! Very creative (: