Saturday, 8 November 2014

November Pinspiration

      Here's my fav pins that sum up what fashion I'm loving this month....

Since Kylie Jenner added grey tones to her hair I have to say I'm slightly obsessed; it looks insanely good! Would love to give it a go myself but I'm a bit of a wimp when it comes to colouring my hair (I think my mum would disapprove slightly too!) I am still loving a good ol' half up half down top knot though; so quick and easy to do but looks so so good. Boys with top knots however, can't say I'm feeling it I'm afraid...

I am loving full on, sparkly in your face, 3D glitter lips though! I have bought a kit from a brand called Belissimo so I can create this look at Xmas, I'm just waiting for the right occasion to bring the full on bling out. Belissimo are currently stocked in Topshop and have loadssss of different colours! I have Crimson already and intend on buying black next. 

My favourite colour this season (apart from black of course) has to be auburgine and rich deep purple; I even plan on buying towels this colour for our new bathroom! Auburgine furs and velvet textures will look so luxurious and glam for the winter season, worn with lots of silver gothic jewellery and black lace will create the ultimate party look. I think this colour also looks great on nails and lips; I love matching my lipstick to my outfit and accessories! 

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