Thursday, 19 April 2012

Absence Makes The Heart Grow Fonder...

There is nothing worse than writing a blog post after not posting anything for a few weeks; i hang my head in shame! I have had a combination of writer's block, working a lot and a lock down on spending money due to saving for my travels later this year. So i have nothing new to show you and talk about!

Excuses aside, my first post back is my latest wish list seen as i'm not allowed to buy anything! As you will probably notice i've got an obsession with neon yellow and green at the moment, which i would team with crispy white accessories and flashes of tropical print designs. Zara has got to be my favourite shop this season; i have never seen them do so many beautiful accessories before, and i am a sucker for handbags!  

From left to right clockwise:

Tropical Print Dress - Zara
White Blazer - Topshop
Pink Lipstick - L'oreal Paris Rouge Caresse
Green One-shoulder Dress - Zara
White Clutch - Zara
Arm Jewellery - Regal Rose
Yellow Clutch - Zara
Wedges - Topshop

I love simple designs and geometric patterns, and i am absolutely IN LOVE with the white clutch bag from Zara. So simple but so stylish and will make any outfit look good. I am going to the York races in June so may just have to purchase this!

Also i haven't tried the new L'oreal Paris Rouge Caresse lipstick, but i am dying to get one as i love the way it looks really light-weight but isn't sticky like lipgloss. I am a big lipstick wearer but hate lipglosses, and this seems in the middle of both which would be perfect for day-time wear.  Has anybody tried it yet? Would you recommend it?

Again apologies with my lack of posts, i am officially back on the scene and will be doing a blog re-vamp soon! I will get some outfit posts in over the weekend as i actually have a whole weekend off work starting right now (if you work in retail you will understand how actually amazing this is!).

I hope you enjoyed the post :)

CC x

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