Tuesday, 24 April 2012

Neon Obsession

One of the hottest trends this season is neon, and i absolutely love it. I have been obsessing over neon bags, neon shoes, neon dresses, neon everything! In particular i am loving the green neon, and have began incorporating this into my everyday style with neon nails.
Yes i think i have said the word "neon" over seven times already, so i'll quit jibber jabbering and show you my fabulous nails already!

Barry M have a really good offer on at the moment where you can buy 2 nail polishes for £5, saving you £1. Like i needed an excuse to buy more nail polishes! I think i own every colour from Barry M now, and can always rely on them having the perfect shade i need.
I bought number 300 Acid Yellow and 301 Block Orange. I have the orange on my toes but didn't want to put you through having to look at pictures of my feet (i know most people don't like their toes but mine seriously aren't pretty!).
 I can't wait to extend my love of neon to a handbag and maybe some jewellery, as i find accessorizing is the easiest way to incorporate a trend into your everyday outfit without having to spend lots of money.
I hope you enjoyed my post! Any comments and feedback are really appreciated :)

CC x


  1. I'm not the biggest fan of neon for clothes but I love the nails, think they would go great with a tan :D Great pictures aswell x


  2. Yeah neon clothes is a bit harder to pull off! Neon does make you look more tanned though this is true. Thanks for your comment :) x

  3. Much love,
    "cool blog <3