Sunday, 28 April 2013

Outfit Post | To Sell or Not to Sell

 Jeans and Hat | Topshop
Top | Primark
Creepers | Garage Shoes
 Necklaces | Empty Casket 
If you follow my Instagram or Twitter you may know that I am constantly selling my clothes on eBay (click here if you want to have a nosey at what i'm selling!), however I have a bad habit of 'claiming' clothes back that I intended to sell but then change my mind just before I put them up for auction. In this case I did it with this yellow vintage style bird print blouse from Primark.
I haven't worn it in over a year (admittedly I kinda forgot about it) but rediscovered it as I was sorting my clothes out for eBaying, and decided it was a keeper after all! To prove to myself that I did need to keep it I wore it today to go shopping in and this is how I styled it.
I have also rediscovered my creepers that I bought last summer now that the weather is finally getting milder, it's a welcomed change from wearing ankle boots!
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  1. Don't sell like the top too much! Can't believe it from Primark

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  2. I do the same thing! Either that or I actually DO sell the clothes, forget about it, and go looking for them months later only to realize that they're gone forever! I say keep! This outfit is great and I love the brilliant yellow and print of the blouse!

    : signe