Thursday, 11 April 2013

Rapunzel let down your hair

It's no secret that I wear hair extensions, it's something I will happily talk about as I enjoy having the choice of what length to have my hair. I always put a lot of effort in to making sure they look as natural as possible as there is nothing worse than hair extensions that scream 'I'm fake!'

So I was pretty happy when I came across online store Foxy Locks hair extensions whilst casually browsing Tumblr a few weeks ago. It's the first time I have seen a company do mahogany coloured hair extensions: the exact colour I dye my hair. They also come with the clips sewn on - no dying and no sewing makes Chloe a happy girl!

They only come in one length (20") but there are three choices of thickness. I went for the Deluxe option which was the medium thickness and worked out just about right for my hair. These came in at a pricey £76 (price varying depending on the thickness you choose), but when I worked out how much I would spend on hair extensions, hair dye and clips before, it didn't actually cost much more and Foxy Locks extensions are almost twice the thickness.

The only negative I have to say about them is that the ends are a bit blunt so i'm going to get them cut so they look a bit more natural.

I have to say I am rather impressed with them and will be purchasing my luscious long locks from Foxy Locks Extensions as of now!

CC x


  1. this is great i love the Hair Extensions London the kind i like the most is the new cold fusion hair extensions but they go to people too for ease Hair Extensions Essex amazing length & volume

  2. They look so natural, the colour matches your's perfectly xxxx

  3. "Cool post!
    Much love,
    "Really enjoyed my stay here on your blog <3